God, what do you see when you see me?

God, what do you see when you see me?
 This has been my prayer for a while and when God answers, it is so beautiful. 

I pray that God will show you what HE sees when He sees you. 

I pray that God perfectly fits all the pieces of your life together and gives you a glimpse of His perfect, unique plan for your life. 

I pray that God shows you the detail, of the detail, of why He has called and chosen YOU, specifically, for such a time as this. Why you HAD to be born how and where you were born so that everything would play out just as it did; to bring you to this place of power. 

You are uniquely beautiful, precious and powerful. You bring to the world what no one else can. 

Thank you for giving God your YES.  It is always our honour to serve you! 

Your Designer & Sister in Christ,Camelle



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